KovoAI: How it works

Note: KovoAI is in beta. Some of this info is subject to change.

KovoAI is a personalized fitness trainer powered by AI that lives in your text messages. We'll help you reach your fitness goals with personalized workout plans, nutrition advice, and more. All you have to do is text.

KovoAI is not an app on the AppStore, and it is not a fitness tracker. Instead, it's a bot that lives in your text messages, and is purposed to build workouts, answer arbitrary fitness questions, and hold you accountable to your weekly fitness plan.

The goal of KovoAI is:

a) To provide everyone with a phone plan access to a personal fitness trainer. Accomplishing fair and equitable access to fitness expertise and excellence.

b) To remind and encourage health as an active part of people's lives, and to finally be the difference maker that so many workout apps and plans promise to be.

  • Building custom workouts Kovo will make you a workout based on your goals and preferences that you specify in your Dashboard
  • Automated morning texts You specify your workout frequency by day in the week on your Dashboard, and on those days at 8 am EST, Kovo will send you an automated text with your workout for the day.
  • Custom tone of voice On your Dashboard, you can specify a combination of tones (i.e. motivational, mean, funny, etc.), and Kovo will use that tone of voice to talk to you.

Kovo gives the best results when you ask it specific, targeted questions. If you ask an arbitrary question, it will likely give you an arbitrary response. So, when asking Kovo for information, try to be as detailed and specific as possible. For example, if you ask Kovo for a workout, it will give you a workout. If you ask Kovo for a workout for your legs, it will give you a workout for your legs. If you ask Kovo for a workout for your legs that uses dumbbells, it will give you a workout for your legs that uses dumbbells. If you ask Kovo for a workout for your legs that uses dumbbells and is under 30 minutes, it will give you a workout for your legs that uses dumbbells and is under 30 minutes. You get the idea.

The Dashboard Page

Your Dashboard is where you can edit your settings and tweak your experience with Kovo. Here you can specify a specific goal, and Kovo will use this when it sends you automated workouts at 8 am EST on the days of the week you specify (future versions will allow you to customize the timing and time zone). You can also denote a specific tone of voice that you want Kovo to use when talking to you, and you can mix and match the available options for the tone of voice that best suits you.

KovoAI Premium (coming soon) will allow you to track your progress over time and input "benchmarks" to your Dashboard. Kovo will use these to provide specific weights, reps, and times for your strength and cardio workouts.

You can find your Dashboard by logging in on the website or by asking Kovo for your Dashboard (ex. "Kovo, show me my Dashboard")

Image of the Dashboard page

Other important info

  • Free users are allowed 5 texts per day. We are exploring alternatives to increase usage per day.
  • To share Kovo, just tell your friends to text +1 (302) 483-7626 or visit Sharing the contact in a groupchat is effective.
  • We're looking to make strategic partnerships and sponsorships. If you'd like to get in contact, please email